Some of the spices come from our own garden and some from rather further afield. We put them together as authentic dishes representing different food cultures and may offer a Chinese Dish, a Pakistani Dish and a Thai Dish on a given night with each dish remaining true to its origins. That is our idea of "fusion" food.

About our food

We serve food to our Inn guests and to our wedding guests. Wedding food tends to be somewhat traditional although we are happy when we get to spice it up a little bit. The food we serve Inn guests is a little different. Our food is eclectic (mostly) Asian home cooking and we serve it family style to our guests. You will find a number of dishes that you are unlikely to see elsewhere. The base for our food is Chinese, the food Lee grew up with, but she adds on 12 years of living in South East Asia and a lifetime of taking food very seriously. The spices and techniques vary from country to country and even regionally within countries resulting in a wide variety of tastes and colors as well as tantalizing smells coming from the kitchen, when Lee is working.

Stir Fried Asparagus and Snap Peas We start with the freshest locally grown ingredients whenever possible. Fortunately we live in a place where these are readily available.